This Is How The 2019 Indian Education Sector Looks Like

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If we look at the years gone by we have come a long way especially in the technological field. Besides, technology has had a huge impact on several areas like IT, communications, security, entertainment and many other niche areas. Technology has become a crucial part of our lives and it is significantly offering many benefits. And talking about benefits, the most noticeable change that we have seen or are seeing presently is in the educator sector.

Technology is bringing in a host of changes in this sector and with new innovations popping up every now and then, many Indian educational institutions are more on technology to deliver out-of-the-box learning experiences and also to redesign content. If we take a closer look at the education space, today textbooks are replaced by e-books and there are digitally-enabled classrooms, online education, and assessments, as well as cloud-based content. These are the new and more efficient technologies that are changing the system drastically. Likewise, today many private edtech companies are also on the rise in India. These organizations are working tirelessly in developing a lot of unique solutions to further boost learning capabilities.

Against such a backdrop, let us examine some of the top tech trends that are currently changing the Indian education sector.

The Rise of Apps and Smartphones

Smartphones have more or less permeated into all aspects of our lives from communication to accessing the internet to ordering food and even consuming media and entertainment contents. While many students own a smartphone these days many edtech companies and institutions are making the extensive use of these devices to offer redesigned educational content and study materials. Further, there is also a wide range of newly developed education apps like BYJU’S that are changing the way students learn. Students can use these education apps in their devices and get interesting content like animations, videos, games, quizzes and other solutions instantly. Students can click here to know more about Byju’s app and understand how it is changing the way students learn.

Better Immersive Learning Experiences

2018 was the year when virtual and augmented reality technologies reached a new pinnacle and popularity. With greater advancements and refinement in VR and AR technology, these are being integrated into many aspects of school learning. Further, these technologies are helping educators deliver content as well as students learn in a more immersive manner. The greater application can be seen in subjects like science where the lessons are being taught in a fun and interactive manner. Students are now able to understand and visualize concepts at a clearer and better level.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is The Next Big Thing

We are already hearing a lot about artificial intelligence these days. While AI seems to be the buzzword in the tech space, this form of technology is poised to significantly alter how education is imparted across different boards like CBSE, ICSE and others via new education tools. Many are already of the opinion that AI could significantly change the future of education. Many enthusiasts, as well as educators, believe that this technology could fill the need gap in teaching and learning as well. In any case, some of the possibilities with this tech include automated administrative tasks and grading, adaptive learning, and more.

Well, these are some of the top technologies that are changing the way how the Indian education sector is evolving and adopting new trends. Going forward, it looks like the future of education will be an interesting one.

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