7 Interesting Ways Noodles Have Invaded Our Most Loved Dishes

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Did you know that in one of ancient Chinese beliefs, long noodles represent a long life? Consequently, if you cut your noodles before serving them, in a way you are also cutting your life short. In India, the Chinese myth may or may not be a matter of life or death, but noodles have definitely become a huge part of our lives. Made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and finally cut into several shapes and sizes, noodles have taken the world by storm. While there are several sumptuous ways to prepare noodles – you can have them spicy, soupy, simple or spruce them up with seasonal veggies and exciting toppings – noodles are a favourite ingredient to prepare a variety of dishes. Here are 7 dishes which have used noodles and resulted in the best fusion combinations ever-

1. Noodle Roll

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Kathi Roll fans raise your hand! Just cook your noodles the usual way you like, then slit a cooked Seekh Kebab if you want a meaty fill in your roll. Add some onions, spices, sauces and chillies and roll it up in a  Roomali Roti or Paratha and enjoy the delicious and wholesome Noodle-Kebab Roll.

2. Noodle Pakodas

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Loving the pitter-patter outside your house? Make the most of monsoon with these favourite pakodas with a twist. Boil your noodles and let it cool down. Once it it cools, prepare the pakoda batter, add herbs of your choice, cornflour, salt to taste and the cooked noodles. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture into oil and fry it till golden brown.

3. Noodle Dosa

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Fan of the thin, crispy dosa? Add a Chinese twist to your favourite South Indian delight by filling it with spicy hot chowmein and enjoy one of the best east-meets-south culinary treats in the recent times. Slurp. Slurp.

4. Noodle Samosa

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This unique dish brings the best of China and India together. Our favourite tea-time snack stuffed with delicious noodles. Now, whoever thought of this combination is simply a genius because we can’t seem to get over it. You can make the delicacy at home too, with this easy recipe by Nishtha Asrani.

5. Noodle Cutlet

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Bored of the same evening snacks? This delicious combination can make for the perfect evening snack option you’ve been looking for. Take a bowl, add some boiled peas and mash them. Add some corns and mash them too. Add some besan (gram flour) to the mashed peas and corn and mix well. Finally add the cooked noodles, salt, cumin powder, garam masala, and red chilli powder. Tip in some cheese and milk to the mixture and mix well. Start moulding cutlets out of the mixture with your hands, and coat them with bread crumbs. Fry the cutlets and enjoy!

6. Noodle Omlette

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What do you get when you combine two easy, quick and delicious treats together? An even more easy, quick and delicious treat! To your regular omelette batter add few strands of cooked noodles, milk, spices and cook on a medium heated pan. Top it with some cheese and herbs and enjoy.

7. Noodle Sandwich

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Quick, easy to make, wholesome and filling – a sandwich is a dream come true for all those who are pressed for time and ingredients or those who don’t really boast of the best cooking skills yet want to treat themselves with something delicious. Cook your noodles the usual way, and add in other ingredients, sauces, herbs and seasoning between two breads or buns and you are good to go.

Unbelievable isn’t it? One ingredient and so many tasty avatars! If you have tried something interesting and wacky with the ever-so versatile ingredient do share the recipe with us!