Are There Benefits to Adding LED Lights to My Fishing Boat?

Every fishing trip can offer a different experience and result. You can improve your ability to see at night and catch baitfish by adding an accessory as simple as LED lights to your boat. Below are a few ways that this extra can help you make each trip meet with greater success.

Long-Lasting Lighting

LED lighting technology is a more efficient way of producing light with less energy use. This makes it a more convenient form of lighting to use for outdoor recreational activities. Being far from sources of traditional electricity, battery power is at a premium. Night operation of the boat means being truly selective with how you use the power supply you have available. LED lights can last for up to 40,000 hours of use. That translates to years of use to even the most avid fishing fans.

Attracts Bait Fish

Using the shorter wavelength light colors of white and green provide the best results. Make sure that the lights are completely submerged and not in the boat. Keeping the lights in the boat will attract the bugs in a big way. Having the lights submerged attracts the bugs to the water surface, which then attracts tons of baitfish to eat the bugs.

Better Night Visual

The shorter wavelength light will also provide better visuals of the water. It will look less cloudy and you can see the fish approaching your boat. This can improve safety when you are in unchartered territory with your boat. The green or white light can cut through natural sediment that is floating in the water. It will look nearly clear to your eyes.

Low Power Draw

You will not experience any flickering or dimming of other boat lights when using the LED systems. The power required to operate LED lights is exceptionally small. This means you can use them more often as you motivate about searching for the perfect nighttime fishing spot.

Zero Heat Concerns

LED bulbs turn nearly 80 percent of the energy they consume into light. Traditional bulbs turn roughly 80 percent of their energy use into heat. This makes LED lighting the safer way to go.

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