Can tai chi help you perform better at work?

(Pic: Thinkstock)
Are you feeling too downbeat to complete your targets at work? This time don’t just pick up the coffee or head out for a run. Try something that’s gentle yet effective – tai chi! The ancient Chinese martial art tradition comprising a series of slow movements – is said to reduce symptoms of depression and rebuild focus. It’s been around for over 1,000 years and is getting even more popular.

Builds balance and energy levels

Tai chi combines deep breathing and slow and gentle non-impact movements that brings about serenity. Originally developed for self-defence, it is suited for people with any level of fitness. And it’s not tough at all. Says teacher Radhika Surwani , “Imagine yourself doing yoga? This is just like that with a small difference. One posture just flows into the next and your body is in constant motion. It allows the energy to travel freely along the pathways in the body. You also do breathing techniques along with meditation which increases your mindfulness.”
There is no fixed spot for practicing this. You can perform tai chi on the grass, on the beach or in the privacy of your own home. The rhythmic movements are supposed to be so effective that in no time you feel at ease and develop great inner calm, both of which can help you immensely in other walks of life. Nimisha Jain, a banking executive from Andheri who has been taking a tai chi class for the last six months, says it improved her work output. “In just two sessions, I felt so relaxed, the usual joint pains I had from sitting for long hours had gone and I was recharged,” she says.

Health benefits
– Increased energy levels and stamina
– Lowers depression and stress levels
– Increases muscle strength
– Builds flexibility and balance
– Decreases blood pressure
– Improves heart health