Encourage Higher Productivity with Recognition

One of the easiest ways to get morale up among your employees is to encourage them and recognize all the hard work they do for you on a daily basis. When workers feel respected and know you are grateful for their service, they are much more likely to remain loyal and do the best job possible.

Daily Praise

Daily operations can get quite busy. It is easy to take those around you for granted, but taking the time to stop and recognize that your employees are working just as hard as you are is a must. Everyone needs to feel appreciated. Just make sure that you are being sincere. Trying to hard will sound fake, and your employees will see your praise as nothing more than a poor attempt at civility.


Nothing irritates an employee more than if they are forgotten during the holidays. After all, National Lampoon made an entire movie about it. Simply take the time to give a small gift such as candy or an ornament and have some type of gathering. It can be as simple as treating them to lunch one day or as big as a party for employees and their spouses.


At least once a year you should have a larger event for all employees. Company parties are the perfect time to recognize those that have done an exceptional job. It also give coworkers a chance to spend time together outside of the workplace. You can use one of the event planners Connecticut has available such as Big Wave Events to help you coordinate all the details.

Once you get in the habit of praising your employees for their hard work on a regular basis, you will find that productivity goes up. Your workers will have a better attitude, respect you, and be more willing to remain loyal. It’s not hard to do, and the reward for your efforts will pay off in ways you can’t imagine.