equine liability insurance

Horses are beautiful, gentle creatures, but they’re also significantly larger than humans—and can be easily spooked by someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Owning a horse can be dangerous and can carry the risk of lawsuit. To protect yourself, you’ll want to look into equine liability insurance.

Have you considered what you would do if your animal bites or kicks a passerby? Horses aren’t usually aggressive by nature, but if they are scared or startled it can be difficult to gauge how an animal will react. Liability insurance covers accidental bodily harm or liability damage caused by your horse, but bear in mind that it does not cover commercial use of an animal.

The easiest way to avoid incidents is to teach people how to properly behave around horses. At equestrian competitions, it can be easy for young children (and even adults) to become too excited and walk behind the animal or approach it from a blindspot. Before allowing anyone near your horse, let them know about your animal’s unique personality and what sort of behaviors bother it more than others. You know your animal better than anyone else, so use that knowledge to your advantage.

If an injury does happen, take a moment to quickly assess how bad it is. If someone has been kicked, get them to a hospital for evaluation—a horse’s leg contains a massive amount of power than can easily crack or break bones. A bite may not be that severe, and many not even break the skin, but they can be shocking. If your horse bites someone, urge them to remain calm until you can coax the animal to let go and calm down.

While no one wants to deal with the legal implications of injury caused by a horse, it can happen. Make sure you have the insurance to protect yourself if it does.