Heads Up! Seoul Launches marketing campaign To preserve phone users safe

Heads Up! Seoul Launches Campaign To Keep Smartphone Users Safe

officials have began putting in the primary batch of three hundred warning signs this week in 5 placesthroughout the capital with a view to reduce injuries caused by on foot whilst the usage of thetelephone (Representational picture)
SEOUL: Pedestrians glued to their smartphones were given something else to observe this week, asofficers in Seoul released a protection marketing campaign to keep them from on foot into busy visitors.

telephonerelated collisions among pedestrians and cars in South Korea have greater than doubled in fiveyears to around 1,000 suggested incidents in 2014, consistent with the Transportation safety Authority.

The trouble is especially acute in a country in which cellphone penetration presently stands at aroundeighty percent of the populace, maximum of whom appear rationale on getting to know the art of taking walks and texting.

In a bid to lessen the number of people either stepping carelessly into oncoming visitors or slamming intoevery other at the sidewalk, officials in Seoul — one of the global‘s most stressed cities — have beganputting in the primary batch of 300 caution symptoms this week in five places throughout the capital.

“We picked locations with the highest wide variety of young pedestrians when you consider that most of the people of telephone customers are of their teenagers to their 30s,” Kim Ooc-Kyeong, a Seoulmetropolis legitimate in charge of the project, informed information organisation AFP.

some signs and symptoms are attached to site visitors light poles and depict a person searching at hiscellphone as he is ready to be hit by using a automobile.

but for the reason that the target market are individuals who wouldn’t appearance up from theirmonitors to look such warnings, different signs had been plastered at the actual sidewalk.

“We positioned 250 signs and symptoms on the pavements due to the fact they’ll definitely be seen by way of the pedestrians which can be looking down at their smartphones,” Kim said.

however neither type of warning seemed to have registered with locals interviewed at lunchtime by way ofAFP.

i’m continually on my telephone, and i’ve in no way visible the signs before,” stated Kim Hyun-Chul, 29. “They want to make them stand out greater.”

Koo Sung-Hoi, 27, was additionally ignorant of the efforts to maintain him from a cellphonerelatedharm.

“I think the symptoms at the pavements are too small to be observed,” Koo said.

South Korean phone users spend an average of 4 hours a day tweeting, chatting or playing video games, with about 15 percentage showing signs and symptoms of addiction, in line with country information.

Seoul plans to display the effectiveness of the symptoms until the cease of the year earlier than figuring out whether or not to enlarge the task.

comparable campaigns have already been trialed in Europe.

Antwerp has introduced exact strolling lanes in a handful of busy buying streets so smartphonecustomers can examine their mobiles with out bumping into other pedestrians.

The German city of Augsburg even hooked up site visitors lighting fixtures in the pavement at tram crossings for telephone gazers.

A 2014 simulation observed that if 1,500 people searching at their phones tried to move Tokyo’s notoriously crowded Shibuya intersection, handiest about a 3rd might make throughout without bumping into others, falling or dropping their mobiles.