Here’s How You Can Grab Confirmed Tickets during the Festive Season

The festive season in most part of the country brings the season of a substantial number of IRCTCtrain bookings. A lot of travelers willing to reach their families on such occasions find it difficult to get confirmation of train reservations. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks on how to bag confirmed tickets and be a part of festivities.

  1. Try booking in advanceTrain booking in IRCTC is notoriously difficult, especially during the end times. As you can get access to the festival calendar when the year starts, make sure you book the tickets in advance and in accordance. It is essential as you may want to avoid any hassle related to grabbing the tickets.
  2. Did you try tatkal? Tatkal is one of the most promising methods to get tickets to your destination. This method helps you to get tickets urgent yet confirmed booking, but only for a limited number of seats. Therefore, you must be quick and clear with your requirement while booking in Tatkal quota. Moreover, you may need to keep all the information pertaining to the tickets handy. This information includes the Identity proof, debit/credit card, coach preference, and train preference. Also, ensure that there are various IRCTCaccounts open simultaneously on many browsers. So that you will know which train exhausted its seats and to get a higher probability of getting the confirmed reservations. On proper utilization, tatkal is one of the most proven methods to get the tickets.
  3. Keep yourself updated with the new train arrivals – During time, you may have missed many lists of new train arrivals connecting various stations with your destination. If you are not getting a direct source-to-destination option, try connecting trains. It may or may not be tiresome, but you will thank yourself later for your intelligence this way by arriving just on time to your family.
  4. Keep some days in hand– It is important to be a little flexible at the time of booking train tickets in IRCTC. You may have to leave a day or two early to get the confirmed seats. By not choosing this option, you may be risking the chance of reaching your destination on time. It is sometimes wise to compromise with your job timings and take leaves as the schedule necessitates.
  5. Avoid the most crowded days of the 7 days – Yes, the weekends are the most crowded when it comes to travelling. It is during the weeks when people prefer leaving for their hometown or spending weekends at some tourist destination. Not just this, the problem worsens at the time of the festive season when everyone is rushing for a seat, regardless of whether it is a sleeper or chair car.
  6. Learn from your past experiences – That is important! Although you may know how you have coped with situations such as this, you might be a regular traveler so understanding the pattern is essential. You may have a better idea of what stations have a high passenger influx as well as the stations having less number of passengers. If you are aware of this trend (or you can research), it will be a lot helpful in bagging the seats.
  7. Hassle-free travel – You can also book several tickets of various dates if you are still waiting to get the seats confirmed. This way you can give yourself ample time for hassle-free travel. The rest of the unconfirmed seats cancel by themselves. You can also choose to book your trip through any of the online portals as they offer you various modes of travel options and a wide range of hotel choices at your fingertips.

Booking your train tickets can be easy with the user-friendly IRCTC website, however, booking tickets via any other platform, it can be extremely fruitful for those who are looking for a well-planned journey that’s hassle-free.