Home Remodeling Budgets Rising: What Does That Mean for Sellers?

Without a doubt, the real estate market is about as hot as it can get currently. In addition, many families are both buying their first homes and upgrading their homes to something a bit bigger or in a better location. House flipping is currently very hot as well, causing a surge in the amount that is spent when remodeling homes. While the market is doing wonderfully as is, homeowners will need to put a bit more elbow grease into their homes in order to make them showstopping for potential buyers.

Competing with Nearby Homes

It is highly unlikely that an individual’s home is going to be the only home in the neighborhood that is on the market. In addition, there will be other homes within a ten mile radius that might present hefty competition as well. A homeowner should ensure that the house is not severely outdated, especially as compared to similar homes within a minimum 5 mile radius. If other homes are far more appealing, it could result in a late sale, a low offer, or lots of repair/improvement requests in the contract.

Important Updates for a Home on the Market

There are a few bells and whistles that really catch the eyes of potential buyers. If closets are small, it is advised to try to expand them or add more closets to the home. Appliances should be less than 5 years old, and top of the line. Faucets, door knobs, important lighting fixtures, and vent covers should be upgraded or replaced. A dirty or dingy floor can quickly turn a potential buyer away, and all new flooring throughout can be a big selling point. A new coat of paint and any minor repairs should be completed before viewings are scheduled; even a chip in the paint or a slightly crooked door can cause a buyer to notice more and more imperfections within the home. San Diego home remodeling might be a consideration if the home requires extensive remodeling projects, perhaps an entire kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Safety Sells

For a family, nothing is more important than the safety of children and pets. A tall chain link fence can keep family in while keeping strangers out, and is considered to be an important feature for a home to have. Security lights, cameras, home security systems, and steel doors are all highlights for a family that is worried about the safety of a new neighborhood. One last consideration would be a gated entry; however, gates can get expensive quickly, and it might not be worth the investment in a modest neighborhood.

Buying a new home can be a fun experience, but trying to sell a home can be stressful at times. The most successful sellers tend to have the home 100% move-in ready, increasing the chances of a quick and easy process.