Lacson: President’s health not a private affair


nator Panfilo Lacson on Friday said he agrees with those asking for full disclosure of President Rodrigo Duterte’s health condition.

“I agree with them. The health of the president of any country is not his and his family’s private affair alone,” he said in a text message to reporters. “It is a matter of public concern.”

He said it is Malacañang’s responsibility to disclose the current state of health of the President “if only to quell any speculation.”


“The public deserves nothing less,” he said.

“Anyway, they will surely  understand that PRRD is presently exposed to all kinds of stress and physical exhaustion due to the numerous problems besetting the country, not to mention bearing the sight of our soldiers being transported in coffins by military aircraft with all the grieving families waiting to bring them to their respective provinces,” Lacson explained. “That indeed is very stressful.”