Love books? Panjab University offers students part-time jobs at library

Students will be paid ₹100 for an hour of work, but the hours will be capped at 40 per month. They will be tasked with organising book shelves and counter duties.

Are you a book lover studying at Panjab University and want to work towards being self-reliant? You’re in luck, for the university is offering part-time jobs at the on-campus AC Joshi Library.

“A student will be paid Rs 100 for an hour of work, but the hours will be capped at 40 per month. The students will also get a work certificate,”librarian Rashmi Yadav said.

The university Syndicate had approved the scheme “Earn While You Learn” for providing part-time jobs to campus students on May 26 this year.

Now, a Rs 4 lakh budget has been approved for creating jobs at the AC Joshi Library, where students can work while studying on campus.

By working 40 hours a month, a student will be able to earn a maximum of Rs 4,000. In that case, the library will be able to employ up to 100 students, if all students work for 40 hours per month.

“The students will be given library work, such as storage of books and counter duties. The students can apply at the library for enrolment, and work will be allotted depending on the number of students and hours that they wish to work for,”Yadav said.

Vice-chancellor professor Arun K Grover had mooted the proposal for part-time jobs during the protests against the fee hike in 2017 to create earning opportunities for students who cannot afford the fee.

University registrar Col GS Chadha (retd) said, “We have also asked the dean, student welfare, to propose where else students can be employed and for what kind of jobs. Wherever there is a possibility of employing students, we will do that and pay students accordingly. For example, students can be employed at the University Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management as interns, at guest houses and as data processing operators.”