Obesity can cause Type 2 diabetes and premature death: Study

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More than a quarter of UK adults are obese.  (Source: File Photo)

The ill-effects of obesity need no retelling. However, according to a recent study, the problem of obesity in the UK has become so lethal that it is leading to diseases as well as death. The study, that was reported in BBC, states that people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30-35 are at 70 per cent higher risk of suffering from heart failure than those who have a BMI of 18.25-25.

The study, that examined 2.8 million adults also revealed that those who are slightly overweight are twice more prone to get Type 2 diabetes. The study will be presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Glasgow.

The findings also reveal that those who have a BMI of 35-40, run the risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes almost nine times more, while those with BMI of 40-45 are 12 times more susceptible. Those with BMI of 40-45 are susceptible to suffering from heart failure three times more and those with BMI of 40-45 are considered to be at a 50 per cent higher risk of premature death.

“With the number of people living with obesity almost tripling worldwide over the past 30 years (105 million people in 1975 to 650 million in 2016), our findings have serious implications for public health,” Christiane Haase, author of the work said.

“More than a quarter of UK adults (28 per cent) are obese and it’s something that we urgently need action on,” Victoria Taylor, nutrition lead at the British Heart Foundation, was quoted as saying.