How to Prepare for an Upcoming Examination

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Preparing for an upcoming examination can be time-consuming and stressful. But you don’t have to be. By doing some couple of things ahead of time you can ensure that you are confident and ready to take the exam. Below we have discussed some strategies that will help you to prepare for your upcoming examinations in a more effective way.

Start Early

Preparation for the examination should begin earlier and not on the night before the exam. You can not study the whole syllabus in one night. Start your preparation for the examination earlier and spare some time for revision also.

Know the Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus of the subjects is one of the important parts before you start studying for your upcoming examination. Having the syllabus of the subjects will help to organize the study materials for exam preparation. Suppose you are about to study for your upcoming class 8 examination then you can refer to NCERT science class 8 syllabus or NCERT class 8 maths syllabus.

Following a Time Table

Following a timetable will help you to prepare for your upcoming examination in a better and organized way. While preparing the time table, assign more time to the topics in which you feel you are weak.

Give Mock Test

Take two or three mock test and then analyze on which topic you are facing difficulties or in which area you need to focus more so that you can overcome those faults.

Do not skip questions

While solving a question, sometimes you get stuck at some part of the question. At that moment, most of the students skip that question and solve the next one. But it is advised to solve the questions before you jump to the next one. Solving those kinds of questions will help you to be a better problem solver. If you still have any doubt you can refer to NCERT solutions like NCERT solutions for class 8 maths chapter 2, etc.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

If you have completed the syllabus or a few portions of the syllabus is still left then it is recommended to solve previous year question papers. Solving previous year question papers will help you to know the marking scheme and the types of questions asked in the previous examinations.

Follow the above strategies to prepare for your upcoming examinations. You can also subscribe to BYJU’S  YouTube channel for engaging and interactive videos: