STEAM education programs debuted in Lewis County

Jane Lew STEAM_1531343627223.jpg.jpg

JANE LEW, W.Va. – Officials from Lewis County Schools were showing of a new tool for teachers to use in their classrooms this year.

The school held a demonstration at the Jane Lew Community Building, highlight the use of robotic toys in STEAM education Wednesday.

The robots can be programed to roll around, make music, draw and more.

Staff said it’s a way to engage kids in activities similar to how they spend their free time.

“Our kids are more involved in video games and online media, and if we can get them to be more of a creator than a consumer, that’s kind of what we’re looking at,” said Jeff Tidd, technology director for Lewis County Schools.

Staff will tour the county demonstrating the equipment over the next few weeks, and will have them available to teachers this coming school year.