Twitter has a field day as Robert Vadra says he doesn’t need Priyanka

Twitter has a field day as Robert Vadra says he doesn't need PriyankaThere are very few people who can assure a mirthful time on Twitter. Robert Vadra is one of them. Every time the son-in-law of the Gandhi-Nehru parivar makes a public statement, Twitter breaks out into peals of laughter. Thursday was no different.

Dressed in vivid golfing gear, businessman Vadra gave an interview to the wire agency ANI at the Delhi Golf Club, in which he declared that he didn’t need his wife Priyanka Gandhi to “enhance his life”.

His customary confidence was on display again when he was asked if he was capable of handling political attacks against him. “I have a very strong and very good family. No matter what I read about myself I know the truth,” he replied.

“I am born and brought up here. I would never leave my country even if I am humiliated,” Vadra told the reporter. “No matter what the government says, I have the ability to sustain and to absorb. I have a very strong and good family which gives me strength.”

On his plans to join politics, Vadra was ambiguous. “I would not say never, let’s see what future has in store for me. How can I join politics just because I am a part of a family? When I feel that I can work for the people, when I get my calling, that is when I’ll think of joining politics.”

“I wish the government all the best, but I think people will revolt against it as they know what is right and what is wrong. We are a diverse nation and have to be neutral in all the spheres and treat people equally regardless of their religion. We have to learn to accept all sorts of opinions,” said Vadra commenting on the current political situation of the country.

Success matters to the Gandhi family son-in-law. It was evident from his words when he declared, “I was a fine student, but at that time 60-70 percent was enough. Today, less than 90 percent does not matter. I have told my children that nothing less than 90 percent will do.”

Twitter predictably had a field day:

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