Why to Use Jokers to Make Sets and Sequences in Rummy?

The game of rummy is quite interesting and that is why countless people from different parts of India enjoy playing this game. The rules of the game are simple to understand. Here we have listed out how to play rummy and win the game.

  • Create a pure or natural sequence
  • Create an artificial or real sequence
  • Create melds or sets

In the regular 13 card rummy game, two types of jokers are used. One is the actual joker present in the deck. These are cards with the face of a joker or completely blank cards. Apart from this, a card is randomly picked from the remaining deck after distribution to act as a joker. This could be any number card or face card. Jokers are used in the game to fill the gap in sequences and sets.

Read along to know how to use joker to complete a set or a sequence in classic rummy game:

  1. Jokers in Sets or Melds

A meld or a set is formed by combining three playing cards of the same number or value but of different signs. For example, you may combine 2 of spades, 2 of clubs and 2 of diamonds to form a set or a meld. Similarly, you may combine face cards like Q of spades, Q of diamonds and Q of Hearts to form a set or a meld.

In unlimited rummy, all the cards used in a set should be of different signs. For example, if you combine two 3 of diamonds and one 3 of spades, it does not form a valid set. Now, supposing you have two cards for a set, you may use a joker instead of the third card.

For example, if you have a J of hearts and a Jack of Spades with you, you may use a joker to represent the third J which is missing in the set. You may use actual or pulled out joker to fill in the gap.

  1. Jokers in Pure Sequence

Pure or original sequence is called so because it needs to be formed completely by actual cards. You are not allowed to use jokers in a pure sequence. However, pulled out jokers can be used as actual number and sign, to form a part of the pure sequence. Suppose while playing Indian rummy, the pulled-out joker you pick up is 2 of diamonds and you have 3, 4 and 5 of diamonds already, you may use the pulled-out joker of 2 diamonds to complete the natural sequence.

  1. Jokers in Real Sequence

A real or artificial sequence in rummy offline and on the web is alternately termed as life 2. This sequence is formed by arranging either number cards or Face Cards in proper ascending or descending order. You can make a real sequence by arranging A, K and Q in order or by arranging 8, 9 and 10 in order.

The only allowance you have in a real sequence which you do not have in a natural sequence is that, you may use a joker to complete the sequence. Suppose in the rummy patti game, you have 2 and 4 in your hand, you may place a joker at the centre and complete the 2, 3 and 4 set.

Basically, joker is like a bonus point in ultimate rummy games. You may use a joker to complete your hand sooner. A wise player always knows how to make the best of a joker in rummy